apprendre-anglais-rapidementTo learn to speak English, many seem to fall heavily. We want to distinguish concretely to learn the language here. In school English grammar is much crammed. This is not some students. Others can apply the methodology, writing by good grades and are still unable to speak English. Therefore, this article specifically deals with the issue of English speaking people!
Learn to speak English – Practical Tips and Tricks!

Learn to speak English may not slip into abstraction, as is often the case in school English. During a job interview, the candidates often behave very skilled, on the testimony is the grade 1 for foreign language English, but if it says “Let’s switch to english please” can hardly one set are formed. The following tips and tricks you can learn to speak English.

Learning of phrases and complete sentences – English speaking lernenIn school written vocabulary tests and the student learns vocabulary. It is written grammar works and learned rules. However, those who packed the words in sentences or phrases, who learns the translation of the words and get equally a sense of linguistic expression. The cost is higher, but also the success – especially to speak English.
Follow to learn the natural path – How did you start to learn the German language? As a baby, you were confronted and have your parents listened to. This you have attained understanding. Following words and phrases were repeated after and only then did you start reading and writing. In classical learning another, less natural approach is often pursued. But the correct order is: listen, understand, speak, read and write.
Surround yourself with the English language – who not only have good grades, but can also speak English want, should ever have to the language itself. Computer games can be switched to English, English music can be sung while the walking gait of the iPod can read an English text and even with friends and family can communicate in English. This is changing one’s consciousness and everyday objects are automatically translated.
Interest, fault tolerance and perseverance – these are important virtues that facilitate the learning of the English language. First, it is important not to believe that you were too stupid for a foreign language. At the beginning of life and the native language is strange and this could also be learned. The understanding of another language has nothing to do with intelligence. Everyone learns to speak the English will make mistakes. With perseverance and interest this can however be parked. However, it is to be useful to check occasionally to detect errors.
Verifiability ensure – For anyone who is learning alone, this is the biggest challenge. How accurate is because now the debate? Here it is important to provide opportunities to review the skills. Is there perhaps an English or Irish pub nearby? Then go out once a month and try to speak in English with the owners. Somewhere in the vicinity there is always provide a way.