apprendre-l-anglais-rapidementA geek is somebody who “has extreme interest for and some proficiency about a specialized topic or activity.”  In some cases I cannot think a few of things I carry out in concerns to language; I even discover myself stunned (in some cases) by how thrilled I overcome the tiniest things, the examples where my friends take a look at me strange.

It does not require much description, however ideally I’m not the only one that does these things. Ideally there’s another language geek like me out there. Without more ado, let’s discharge the geeky …

1. I have nobody to practice talking with, so I speak with myself in my foreign languages.

2. 95% of the music I pay attention to remains in a various language (from English).

3. I keep user’s manual that have several languages on it so I can compare them.

4. I alter my Facebook language settings because I no longer need apprendre l’anglais rapidement.

5. I got truly all of a sudden delighted when I discovered I needed to compose a paper in Spanish about whatever subject I desired.

6. I was ravaged when I learnt the instructor was just requesting 2 pages (I’m dead major).

7. However then I got even more thrilled when I thought up the subject, “The Diversity of Languages in Spain.”

8. When I discover languages “out in the real life,” I go crazy about it and take an image of it while my friends question why.

9. I dislike the concern “What’s your preferred language?” since I cannot select simply one.

10. I cannot think of weding somebody who just speaks English and high school Spanish/French. I simply cannot.

11. I have no problem doing language research and get rather delighted about it. Continually.

12. If I require a restorative workout, I compose Chinese characters.

13. I not just have actually a blog site committed to discussing languages, I likewise have actually a Tumblr devoted to languages.

14. I thank the gods when I satisfy a fellow language lover personally, due to the fact that I believe they’re unusual to come across.

15. I have actually taken a minimum of 1 class in every foreign language provided at school.

16. It worried me out attempting to choose which language to major in.

17. I’m not a feline individual. However languages vanquished felines, so I needed to purchase this t-shirt. (Cats stating “meow” in their own language).

18. My life breaks down and comes together once again when I have an etymologic surprise– workout.

19. I do not see TELEVISION regularly or at all, however the only TELEVISION programs I view remain in Japanese.

20. After discovering 5 other languages with an official “you”, I Googled to see if English had one.

21. In some cases I actively blend my languages; often a word in English isn’t really sufficient. “Mejorar” sounds method much better than “to enhance” or “making much better.”.

22. I get that limited multilingual kid sensation when I cannot discover an excellent translation from Japanese to English. I dislike it.

23. Among the most appealing aspect of an individual is if he can speak numerous languages. Even if it’s not several languages, just as long as he speaks a language you like.

24. I get slightly irritated when somebody puzzles Portuguese and Spanish.

25. For enjoyable, often I sit in the house searching for patterns in between various Romance languages (even ones I have not studied/don’ t speak).

26. Instead of doodling in class, I compose characters/words in other languages.

27. If I discover somebody isn’t really speaking English, I aim to determine exactly what language they’re speaking in when I stroll by.

28. I believe the airport would be an incredibly enjoyable location to hang out.

29. I cannot assist however feel both jealously and adoration at the same time for the YouTube hyper-polyglots.

30. My collection of foreign language and linguistics books remains to grow. Quickly and frantically.

31. My language wish list is longer than my Christmas one.

32. I cross words in various languages making odd and foolish jokes. My mommy really makes fun of them …

33. I was sick one time and my throat was harming– I instantly believed to myself in Chinese, “My throat injures …” due to the fact that we had actually simply discovered it a couple of days prior. I believed it was beyond cool.

34. The Japanese I believe in my dreams is much better than the Japanese I in fact speak.

35. Some individuals just understand me/refer to me as “language lady” or “poliglota” due to the fact that they do not know my genuine name however understand among (exactly what I would call) my most specifying qualities. I am completely fine with that.

36. I would not be who I am or where I lack languages or my love for discovering them.

37. In some cases I classify my language pals by the kinds of languages they delight in.

38. I in some cases spontaneously select an expression to equate into all the languages I’ve discovered how to see if I understand the best ways to state it 6 various methods.

39. Infant pre-language geek wished to speak several languages even as a kid …

40. And develop her own language (which was method prior to I understood I liked foreign languages).

41. In some cases I believe there’s absolutely nothing I might get more thrilled about than needing to discuss something about the Spanish or Chinese language.

42. In Catalonia (Spain), I took an info handout in both English and Catalan. The tourist guide mentioned the English ones however recognized I desired both. Do I have to describe why?

43. Deep quotes in other languages constantly sound much better to me than ones in English.

44. That delighted sensation of discovery when I understood there were classifications within a classification of languages.

45. My leisure time includes composing long messages to individuals who speak my targeted language.

46. My other downtime includes looking into various kinds of languages, even if I do not speak it (and perhaps aiming to find out exactly what I wish to find out next).

47. Individuals believe I’m smarter than I really am when they discover I have actually studied 6 languages.

48. I play foreign movies on my laptop computer while doing research.

49. I conserve foreign film trailers in my Favorites on YouTube so I can hear individuals talking in X language.

50. I had no problem developing 50 reasons that I’m a language geek, and I have no idea whether to be ashamed or very pleased.

51. I understand ultimately one day I will have the ability to create 50+ more since I’m simply … too strange. Too unpopular. Too enthusiastic.


Vocabulary is necessary when learning a language. Any language, naturally including English, has thousands and thousands of words. In fact, according to numerous sources I have found, like this, there are just 800 words that you must understand to converse in English.